Thursday, December 9, 2010


One event led to another. During the short visit, someone was suggesting for a movie session and today it was done. Luckily, I found another one online, Shah Erhan, while checking my e-mail and lucky enough he was free. The more the merrier and I think this was a record for the biggest number of ex-students involved in a watching movie activity. Hazizul chose "The Next Three Days". Originally, Azeze wanted to watch both "Rapunzel" and "Unstoppable" back-to-back but due to time constraint, we could only watch one movie.

Right after that, we went for our late dinner at a restaurant nearby, as suggested again by Hazizul as he is the one who should be very familiar with this area as his office is around this place.

A few people had to go to work the next morning and two just got better from some sort of fever/sickness/flu so the gathering had to be adjourned at about 11:30 p.m. This should be some sort of our bachelor party for Azeze, Malaysian version, and we wonder whether the number of people would decrease for our next gathering.