Wednesday, December 22, 2010


The third theme park that I went to was "Wet and Wild Water World". Nevertheless, I got neither wet nor wild, I was not ready for it. But it was worth the visit as I could see that most of the rides were really wild and a few were scary too. If you are wondering, how much did it cost to visit the parks in Gold Coast, there was a package which enabled people to enter three theme parks of their choices at only AUD99.00 which was much cheaper than only going to one theme park.

From my observation, these people were having such great time. They might want to cool off from the hot summer sun by getting themselves in the water. However, if you think many of them were those like those gorgeous people you see on television series, then you were wrong. I guess the sexy ones went to beach and the ugly ones went to the theme park.

There are actually many more theme parks around Gold Coast and these are the main attractions here. So if you have a lot of money to spend and want to have a blast of a lifetime, Gold Coast is the place to go but make sure spend a longer time here.