Sunday, December 5, 2010


A group of three students came visiting today, two were familiar faces and one was the one that had not been seen since many years back. Azeze, Hazizul and Fairuz came over and there was one main reason, someone was getting married in about three weeks time.

So Azeze was here to surrender his invitation card personally. That was really a kind gesture. Nowadays, people simply post their invitation card on their Facebook wall and expect everyone tagged to just notice it. It might be practical to some people but deep inside, I still feel at least an invitation card would be proper in order to show one's sincerity in inviting friends to his or her big event.

I was also glad to see Fairuz again after so many years. He planned to come earlier with the others during the past Hari Raya visit but it was not materialized for some reasons. He left SMKTUN for another school in 2000.

It was a brief visit but it was still fun just the same. So, if your outing trip this Wednesday can be carried out, do inform me earlier so I can see whether how it can fit into my schedule.