Friday, December 17, 2010


The next destination was Sea World, a theme park that, judging by its name, has things related to the sea and water. It was a large area to explore but not to worry, there were other means of transportation to get around the place if you dislike walking.

We first tried the cable car ride that took us across the park. Right after that, we started to explore the place and there were a variety of marine creatures not only to see, but also to touch. There was a pond where visitors had the chance to feel some living things in it, like sea cucumbers and starfish.

One of the most exciting places to be in was its underwater world. Once you got into the "tunnel" you could watch lots of magnificent sea creatures, big and small, swimming in front of your very own eyes. Just imagine yourself in front of a gigantic aquarium which was full of colourful fish, or a huge screen with documentary of the deep sea being projected on it. The only thing that separated you from the animals was the glass panel. If only I could just sit and stay there forever.

There were no penguins though, they just had the 3-D movie of "Happy Feet" being shown. And there were other rides and pools for kids, but we just did not want to get ourselves wet.

Another splendid animal show that we managed to catch was the dolphins. Undeniably intelligent animals, what made the dolphins were able to carry out all the tasks was the trust that was established between the trainers and animals.

We took the tram ride back to the exit. We had to try at least this ride, and at the same time our feet were not happy anymore, unlike the penguins.

And we managed to catch the last show before we left. It was about a big ship, pirates and British sailors fighting with each other in a comic sketch. There were a lot of acrobatic acts which involved people jumping on the trampoline, swinging from one rope to another and diving into the pool from the tall mast of the ship. It should be entertaining but I had to confess that I had problem understanding the characters' dialogues in Australian accent, but the jumping and diving looked real fun.

This theme park is highly recommended for adults and children alike and you should spend more time here. More pictures of the this place coming your way.