Thursday, December 9, 2010


Straight to the plot of the story. A wife was mistakenly suspected murdering her own boss after (1) someone saw her in her car leaving the murder scene (2) the dead body was found near her parked car without her noticing it (3) her fingerprints was found on the murder weapon i.e. a fire extinguisher when she was putting it somewhere else as the object was obstructing her car (4) blood of the dead was found on the coat she was wearing when the real murderer ran into her (unintentionally) (5) she had a heated argument with the boss right before the incident at the office. See? With no alibi, her chance to prove herself innocent was zero.

The only person left who still believed that she was innocent was none other than her beloved husband and he was the only person who would not let her spend the rest of her life in jail. So within the three years he had, he started planning of ways to take her out of jail and experimenting several methods in setting her free.

This was when all the actions started to set in - the police going after the fugitive. Luckily it ended with a happy note, both the husband and wife, plus their son, managed to escape to Venezuela. Enough of the suspense throughout the movie, if they did not succeed to run away, I might die of a heart attack in the cinema. Another movie that would take a long time to forget, especially when Russell Crowe was in it.