Sunday, March 20, 2011


If you love travel and comedy, this is the book that must not be missed. Basically it tells about the life of the author who had just divorced and facing the misery and was trying to overcome her depression by travelling to three countries: Italy, India and Indonesia; accidentally all the three names start with "I". So it was half travelogue, half autobiography and that has made it complete. She was in Italy to learn Italian, India to do yoga and Indonesia to stay with an old Balinese medicine man, Pak Ketut Liyer. During her journey, she then discovered her true self and found what she wanted in life, I suppose. Two words that I can use to describe this novel: HONEST and COMICAL. This book reminds me of the poem by Muhammad Hj. Salleh studied in school last time by form four students, "Si Tenggang Homecoming" which starts off with "The physical journey that I traverse, is the journey of the soul".

And after reading this novel, I can feel the urge to travel more and see the world. Or at least, a little of the world. But I need to get the movie made from this book on DVD first.