Saturday, March 19, 2011


We had scheduled three days of practice during the school holidays. On the first day, the trainer, Pak Eddie, came to coach and also to introduce one new song that we all liked very much. The main reason for the intensive training was for the preparation for the coming Hari Kecemerlangan [Prize-giving ceremony]and Mesyuarat Agung PIBG [PTA annual meeting] where we will be performing. We are having all brand new songs this time (as people started complaining for the same old songs being played many, many years).

Nevertheless, it was definitely not easy to get all the members to come although we had set the date much earlier. There were members who could not make it due to unavoidable reasons like they had to follow their parents to go somewhere during the school holidays. The most saddening part was when people simply did not come for problems that they themselves could solve, there were ways to overcome the obstacles, from my point of view.

If you think that it is easy to run extra-curriculum activities, then you better think twice. To be successful, one needs to be interested, committed and disciplined. That is why many boarding schools or one which students can stay in hostel could always excel in this kind of activity; the students can always come for practice anytime they want. That is just about attendance and I have not lamented about punctuality yet.

Congratulations to the Angklung group members who were present without fail. I know you were there because you enjoyed the music very much and you had also displayed enthusiasm and determination to develop the team. We still have a few more days left to brush up our performance.

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