Wednesday, March 23, 2011


at the canteen, announcing students with excellent results

getting their results from the class teachers at the hall

with the happy ex-students

At last, the SPM result was announced today. This time, it was quite late compared to the previous ones so there were many speculations of the date when the result would be released.

Generally, the school performance was good. More students managed to get straight A's from this batch. Nevertheless, I still believe that whatever results that they received, that would be what they deserved to get ~ reap what you sow.

This was not the ending, this was just the beginning. Wishing all the school leavers the very best of luck in their journey into the real world. Hope you will not forget me.


Habibah Mohamad Sabri
[8A+, 2A]
Mastura Nabilah Mohd Fua'ad
[8A+, 1A]
Siti Yusairah Mohammad Yusri
[8A+, 1A]
Adelyn Loh Bi Ling
[7A+, 2A]
Ong Hui Yang
[6A+, 4A]
Jonathan Goh Jia En
[6A+, 4A]
Loh Chun Seng
[6A+, 3A, 1A-]
Mohamad Ihsan Mohamad Ismail
[6A+, 1A, 2A-]
Haran Mohanadas
[5A+, 4A, 1A-]
Aisyah Maryam Mohamad Roji
[5A+, 4A]
Nurafiqah Asli
[5A+, 3A, 1A-]
Tharissiny Raja Mogan
[5A+, 2A, 2A-]
Teo Cheng Hui
[5A+, 3A, 2A-]
Yap Chin Yi
[4A+, 4A, 2A-]
Nazhatul Syazwanee Jajuli
[4A+, 2A, 3A-]
Foo Khar Yi
[3A+, 3A, 3A-]
Loke Chee Wai
[2A+, 5A, 3A-]
Nur Nasyita Kamaruddin
[2A+, 5A, 2A-]
Mohamad Ariff Izwan Othman
[2A+, 4A, 3A-]