Sunday, June 19, 2011


It was not really a party because there were not many people involved and no noise produced. The gathering was to express our gratitude of Chess Club committee members of 2010 who have left school already. A few could not come but it was not easy to have everyone to be present. Thanks to Ong Hui Yang and Jonathan Goh for coming as well as Miss Quek and Puan Rafidah Abdul Samat, two of the school Chess Team advisers. It was a small and short but meaningful event.

I chose KFC in Taman Universiti mainly because I do not want to go to Jusco. And I have never been there, not even once. One reason, I would try to avoid meeting too many students and ex-students under one roof. Nevertheless, at the restaurant, I met two ex-students, Atiqah and Najwa, who are working part-time as they are in the middle of their university break. It is actually always a pleasure to see familiar faces and they had to voluntarily take pictures with me. Hopefully the manager did not scold them for forcing them to get away from the counter and get the photos snapped.