Sunday, June 12, 2011


The problem of reading a good book is that you will abandon other work which is more important, like marking exam papers, oopss! And then there is this need to write a review of it.

I took 4 days to finish reading this novel, which is a record, and one word that can describe this novel: BRILLIANT! From the very beginning, right until the end, the story is narrated just from the characters' exchanges of scribbled short notes, letters, e-mails, telephone conversations, short message texts, greeting cards, and text of chats in online chat room. My first time reading a story written with this unique style.

The story revolves around the two main characters: Rosie and Alex, best friends since childhood but the major question that needs to be answered is: can BFF be soulmates? You have to read to find out and I can guarantee that you will be glued to the pages because the way Ahern narrated the story is comical and real, very.

I do hope that one day that this book will be turned into a movie and I will be the first one running to the cinema. And if they decide to Americanize everything, they will choose Drew Barrymore or Lisa Kudrow to play the role of Rosie.