Thursday, June 30, 2011


Puan Nilam binti Othman, the fifth Principal of SMK Taman Universiti, was spending her last day as a teacher and an administrator in school today. We were throwing her a small celebration to bid her farewell a day before her retirement. Here's the report of the event in brief:

the arrival of the beloved principal

welcoming silat performance

salutation from the uniform units

Malay dance by Indian students

choir group

silat demonstration

the 70's dance of the agogo era by the special education students
[They were really entertaining. I would say if this was a competition, they would emerge the winner]

traditional Chinese dance

solo singer singing "Pelangi Petang"

Indian dance

"nasyid" performance

when my time comes, will I get many presents?

the feast for the guests of PPD officer, PTA's committee members and principals of other schools

punching the attendance card out for the last time

teachers waiting their turns to say "goodbye"

sending off in a horse-cart

And if you went back late, you would have the chance to take a personal photo with the horse which had become the centre of attraction!

Right after this celebration, there was another event held at the surau which was a special prayer and I would try to report that later. The next formal gathering is a farewell dinner tomorrow after school - something that we teachers are looking forward to. Now I need to see what I should wear.