Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I only have the time to do this two weeks after the real event. It was not an easy task to tell you the truth, :) but I just have to do this, to thank those kind-hearted people.

Truth or Dare: Does it really matter whether your students give you, as a teacher, presents on Teachers' Day? YES, IT DOES. I am not saying that I will feel disappointed if I do not get presents on Teachers' Day but just imagine how would it feel like when your other friends keep receiving presents and you get none.

Thank you to my beloved students, I have never experienced the feelings of being neglected, forgotten and unappreciated. I am blessed to have students who have been trained with the art of giving and appreciating at such young age. I guess this is the value that we need to implement in our society so as to show that as human beings we do care and love others, and at times we have to demonstrate how we feel inside.

So thanks to everyone AGAIN for all the lovely presents on Teachers' Day. I must confess I have not opened them yet because I really need the time to sit down, and opened the wrappers one by one. I just need that moment to cherish and celebrate my life as a teacher.

It isn't the size of the gifts that matters,
but the size of the heart that gives it.

~Eileen Elias Freeman~
"The Angels' Little Instructions Book"