Friday, June 10, 2011


touring the city, foreigner style

The journey into the Kota Bharu town/city continued on the third day, on foot. By now, we had familiarized ourselves with roads but a map would still come in handy.

The first museum that we set foot in was the Kelantan State Museum. After all the museum visits, now all the exhibits looked more or less the same to me. But it was a relief to stay for quite some time. Other then drowning ourselves with the sea of knowledge, the cool air-condition was a bliss before we had to be exposed to the hot weather outside.

This was a jetty for the sampan [boats] that are using the Kelantan River. From its name, the facility was only for the access of the royal family members as there was not a single boat in sight.

This should be a new landmark for Kota Bharu, I supposed. The construction of the clock tower that was overlooking the Kelantan River had just been completed. Once it is opened to the public, then people can go up the tower and get a view of Kota Bharu from a higher level, which could be a tourist attraction.

This is Muhammadi Mosque that was located at the centre of all the tourist spots visited. We were there twice to perform prayers.

The last museum visited was the Arts and Crafts Museum, the smallest one. There were displays of the local arts and crafts which included batik and songket, as well as silver and brass products.

All in all, I learned a lot from this excursion. Apart from learning something new, some very old knowledge was refreshed like the story of Cik Siti Wan Kembang and Puteri Saadong.

For your information, camera was not allowed in all the premises but I needed to get things documented and published for my blog. This is solely for education purpose, and never for commercial reason. I also hope that I could promote visitors to these places as most of time it would be only Shamsul Nahar and me walking around the museum. And the museum staff would be just at the entrance collecting fees [RM1 per entry] so you could do whatever you wish to do here, and there was no CCTV too, I hope. Just in case if you have any relatives working there, please do not tell them I took pictures inside. :)