Thursday, June 9, 2011


After spending the afternoon walking on some streets in Kota Bharu town (or is it city?) it was time to attend another wedding invitation of another colleague in Bunut Susu, Pasir Mas. After taking a bus to Pasir Mas (where we encountered a nightmarish experience of some sort), we waited for Mr. Hisham and his wife to pick us up at Pasir Mas bus station and then went to see Mr. Hasmidi at his house.

It was a much simpler event if compared to what we have in Johor but Mr. Hasmidi was a bit taken aback to see me coming from far to be at his wedding.

Shamsul in deep thought before taking the rice?

The only place we went to after that was the KB Mall, which was just across the street in front of the hotel entrance. Not knowing what to eat for dinner, we opted for Buhara Rice with Chicken which I believed originated from middle east. It was a wise choice, the rice was delicious and you got a chicken patty which was served with cheese. It was a happy meal and we ended the day with a happy note. Two more days to go...