Friday, October 12, 2012


Once the sea lion had ended its performance, we quickly made our way to another animal show venue which required us to walk quite fast in order not to miss it. It turned out the show would be more suitable for younger kids but we still enjoyed ourselves, especially with the dance routine. :)

Animals that were trained in the show were more domestic like the guinea pigs, cats, dogs and birds. The dogs, for example, were saved from being put down at a SPCA centre (I supposed) but were adopted by the Zoo. I wish my cats could be trained like those at the Zoo. By the way, I had never expected to see these kinds of animals to be kept in the Zoo.


Then we decided to take the boat ride and while waiting for the boat to arrive, we took a short break. Afif Hakim brought along a birthday cake all the way from JB, with the cake went through the immigration scanner, so we could celebrate his birthday in the Zoo. How many of you have cut a cake in a zoo with your friends singing a special version of birthday song for you? I am sure this would be one of the most significant birthday celebrations Afif had ever had.

cutting the cake

taking a breather

still waiting for the boat

in the boat
After the boat ride, we went straight to see another main attraction of the Zoo - the white tiger. Nevertheless, we were there at the wrong time as the tiger was sleeping and not giving any hint of waking up. And we just continued walking and observing the animals and taking photos.