Wednesday, October 10, 2012


two cakes for the day

Celebrating birthday was not something I fancied but sometimes people whom you know could simply surprise you by doing unexpected things. The first surprise came from my 2KP1 students who were in school to watch "The King and I". Before we started the session, they came rushing in with a birthday cake. Thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart, to the students who were there, both for the cake and birthday song.

burying the hatchet

the happy lot

the helpers

a birthday present from Hannan *yeay!*

The next surprise party was held in the office. It was just a simple session - people were forced to sing the Indonesian version of the birthday song before the cake was cut and eaten by everybody. Thanks to all the office staff and Puan Yusidah for their kind gesture.

the party planner

The last surprise party was done in the staff room. I was called earlier but I could not come as I was in the computer lab with the 2KP1 students. There was already food on the table, and thank God there was no more cake but we still had the singing of the birthday song led by Puan Shirley. After that, there was the prayer recitation read by Ustaz Rifqi, not only for me, but also for another birthday girl, Puan Siti Adaniah Sarimin, who shared the same birth date with me.

However, (fortunately) not many people were here as 31 teachers went out invigilating the PMR examination in other schools so it was done in a small scale. Thanks a lot to everybody who was directly involved in preparing and celebrating the party in the staffroom, and actually I could not thank you enough.

the remaining male teachers who didn't have to go out

I had never expected many people would take the trouble to celebrate my birthday in school. Thanks so much for making it a day to remember for many, many years to come.

And thank you also to everybody who had sent messages both via the mobiles or on Facebook. Your birthday wishes, kind words and prayers are truly appreciated. Thank you Allah for the greatest gift of all: a large group of wonderful friends, colleagues, acquaintances, students and ex-students.