Monday, October 22, 2012


SUNDAY, 21st October ~ Today it was the PEERS' turn to organize their Annual Lunch. By the way, PEERS is the short form for "Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya" in the Malay Language (translate: Peers Guide?). Before this, the group was known as PRS, or are we still using PRS instead of PEERS? *oh it doesn't matter anyway*

It was the similar event like what we had yesterday during the Prefects' function except this time I had to deliver a speech and officiate the opening of the event. I didn't know people had to do that for an Annual Lunch but I did what I was supposed to do and I felt like a Minister of Parliament already! *vote me for the coming general election, please*

This time, two ex-PRS presidents were invited to attend the event, faces I am very familiar with. Mr. Assadiq Abd. Manap, who just finished doing his diploma in UiTM and Mr. Lim Zi Hao, who is currently studying in Form Six in English College. I guess it is high time for the school to have its formal alumni organization.

For this event, most of students again came to school in their best clothes. It would be good to give them the opportunity to dress up, once in a while. And I will not be surprised if I won't be able to recognize them at first glance.

a door gift for me *yeay!* hope it is an i-Pad
Congratulations to everyone who was directly involved in making the event a success. Don't forget to invite me again next year. :)