Wednesday, October 31, 2012


One of the latest items collected are the fridge magnets. I used to have a few put on the refrigerator's door or wall but I soon found that the magnets would accumulate dust and hence, the refrigerator will get dirty. I wonder where the first batch of magnets are kept now, or have they been thrown away?

Now I am having another new batch, mostly given by friends and students or bought during my travel abroad. Some people really making this activity as a serious hobby but I am not yet at the stage. I guess it started by accident. First I just had a few and then the collection is increasing, so I have to keep them in a proper way.

As I don't want to put the magnets on the fridge anymore, I have got a small whiteboard installed on the wall so I could them properly displayed. Before this, I even put them on my computer CPU. A few have to be repaired as they could not stick on the board - the magnets are too small and could not support the weight. Let's see how much time will it take for the whole white board to be covered with fridge magnets.