Tuesday, October 23, 2012


SATURDAY, 20th October ~ The last movie I watched was "Spiderman" so it was just the correct time to go to the cinema again. However, there wasn't any blockbuster available so I we had to settle for "Stolen" starring Nicholas Cage. 

The storyline: (1) Four people went to rob a bank but something went wrong and one of them got caught. (2) Before surrendering to the police, Will (played by Cage) decided to burn the $10 million so he would get a lighter punishment. (3) After 8 years, he was released from prison but his other comrade was after him, thinking that he might hide the money somewhere. (4) The bad person, Lucas, then kidnapped Will's daughter and waiting for the ransom money from Will. (5) Will had no choice but to rob the bank again, and this time he stole the gold bars after burning and melting them. (6) Will handed over the gold chunks to Will, they fought when the loving father was trying to save the girl. (7) The good guy stayed alive.

I must say the movie was a bit of a disappointment. There should be at least more actions, or more drama, when a big name like Nicolas Cage was in it. Most of the time I would mind a sad ending but this movie would be more effective if the protagonist died in the end.

Thanks to Mr. Shah Erhan, Mr. Hazizul and Mr. Fairuz for the hang out session. I totally forgot to snap photographs when we were having our late dinner/supper. I will take more photos for our next outing.