Friday, October 25, 2013


23rd August ~ Always kill two birds with one stone. I was attending this annual meeting again and this time it was held in Sepang. Someone posted the phone number of a long lost friend on Facebook and I was trying my luck to see if the number is still active, and if "yes", does she still remembers me or not. To my pleasant surprise, Puan Wendy Chan responded promptly and the next minute, she was already there at the lobby, waiting for me and another friend, Puan Hanita Kassim, who was also involved with the meeting.

Despite the fact there would be another preplanned gathering the next day with a few more people, Wendy was too excited to see us on that evening. I guess it should be the long years that had separated us - it was so long I could not even remember when was the last time I saw her. So we went for our "teh tarik" session (translate: tea) at a coffee shop nearby (there were not many choices that we had in Sepang) and at the same time, we wanted to have something light.  Then, she was kind enough to take us for a tour around Sepang and then Nilai, and finally drove us back to the hotel again.

And we even stopped at this one university: Islamic Science University of Malaysia (also known as USIM) and posed in front of its building like tourists.

COMING SOON: Meeting more old friends.