Wednesday, October 30, 2013


12th October ~ I neither bowl nor smoke sisha, and I don't sing in karaoke but I watch movies, once in a while. My favourite cinema was situated at Pelangi Leisure Mall, the oldest cineplex in Johor Bahru town. A few reasons why I liked the place: (1) It was near my house so I could just drive there anytime I wanted when the urge to watch a movie arose - even at 12:00 a.m. on my own, without being accompanied by anybody; (2) The parking fare was cheap - it was just RM1 per entry and at one time it was free of charge, or if people went out late after watching a midnight, the parking booth where we should be paying for the parking would already be closed and we just drove off like that.

Unfortunately, the place was getting too old to compete with other new and modern cinemas around town. People had turned away to other places to watch movies and the cineplex in Pelangi Leisure Mall had to be closed down on the 17th October. 

The last movie outing here on the 12th of October was to bid "goodbye" to this place where I had watched numerous movies: English, Malay and Chinese. What is going to happen next, I do not know. Is it closed for renovation and upgrading, or will it be closed forever?

For one thing, I am going to miss this place, a lot. Thank you GSC Pelangi Leisure Mall for all the fun, good time.