Sunday, October 27, 2013


Actually I attended two wedding receptions today. The first one was of a many-doors-away neighbour and the one I am going to highlight was of a family friend. I arrived a bit too early so I waited for the arrival of the bridegroom, something which I rarely do. It was a wedding of someone whom I have known she was still a baby and now she has become someone's wife already.

The event was held on the ground floor of the flat and the guests of multicultural society could be seen mingling around and enjoying the food.

laksa Johor

lempeng with sambal

Other than the compulsory "nasi minyak/briyani", to my delight, I could choose something else . "Laksa johor" (a local dish - spaghetti with thick fish gravy and other ingredients) was also served to the guests. One more type of special food was the "lempeng" (traditional pancake) which was fresh from the pan and could be eaten with "sambal" (meshed chilli).

negotiation taking place

It is a local practice here, when the bridegroom arrive, he has to go face multiple "barricades". In order to pass through these obstacles, he would have to pay a small sum of money, something like the payment for toll, before he would be allowed to sit together with the bride.

kompang group

silat to welcome the bridegroom

second barricade

third barricade

the last one
united finally

with the parents and siblings

Wishing Radiah and Rudy a blessed and joyous marriage life ahead of them and I am expecting to see more people when the family comes visiting for Eid.