Monday, March 10, 2014


7th December 2013 ~ This was the very last museum visited during my 2-week stay in New Zealand. After some time,everything already looked familiar to me. People had to pay to get into this building and I took the package which comprised of a guided tour and Maori cultural show.

I did not take too many photos here because first, I was already feeling tired (I walked quite a distance from the hotel to the museum) and second, I was too engrossed listening to the guide and moving together with the group from one section to the other. But it was worth the money spent.

This is the simulation house for volcano eruption. Sit inside the house for a few minutes and experience the moment when a volcano erupts.

The best part of the museum is definitely the Maori cultural show. Only on the last day in New Zealand, I got to watch the performance. I will be posting the videos of the show after this. Please come back for more...