Tuesday, March 11, 2014


7th December 2014 ~ Just outside Auckland Museum was another small building: Winter Garden. I was expecting to see snow, or at least to experience low temperature inside, but I was wrong. What I found inside was blooming flowers of all sorts, housed under one roof. I guess I have to do some research to find out why was it called "Winter Garden" when it was not cold at all.

I was not complaining though as I was having a great time looking and observing and taking photos of the beautiful plants that bore bright and colourful flowers. Some of them didn't look real to me so I had to touch the petals (when no one was watching) just to make sure they were real plants.

And that should wrap up my visit to the beautiful islands of New Zealand and I must say I do not mind going back to that place again if I am given the chance to do so. If you are interested in travelling, this is the one place you should go. It might be slightly expensive (but still cheaper than Australia) as it would be worth the money spend.

Oh, I have missed all the wonderful things New Zealand has to offer already. *sigh*