Monday, March 31, 2014


25th March 2014 ~ At about 8:30 a.m., a group of people gathered at hotel lobby waiting to be picked up for the island hopping trip. The good news was that there were 7 other people from Malaysia, Terengganu to be precise, who would literally be in the same boat with me for the trip. They came to Krabi on their superbikes. Why were their presence was good news to me. I did not have to do selfie at least for that day.

A "tuk tuk" [a local taxi which actually looked to me like a lorry modified to be a bus] and there were too many people that a few had to stand at the back of the vehicle. Then we were dropped at this one place and we had to wait for more people to arrive. By the way, there were many different packages for the island hopping activities. I chose the "Phi Phi Island" package that cost me Baht 1000. I made the booking at the hotel reservation desk and I managed to get Baht 100 cheaper after bargaining. Once you are in Krabi, you can simply choose any kind of activity your heart desire - there are too many outlets/kiosks around town. So there is no need to do any early booking before going.

Once everyone was already there, then we walked to the mouth of a river where a row of boats were already "parked" along the beach. We went into this small speedboat - too small a boat but too many people. There were about 30 passengers in my boat. Another option tourists could have was to take the longtail boats which are cheaper but slower and only cater to islands which are near the mainland.

our guide

introducing my new friend, Mr. Buyong

The first stop was the Bamboo Beach and I did not see any bamboo at the beach. When we arrived at the place, the beach and the water were already occupied with people. I almost felt like I was in Bondi Beach during summer. We were there for about 45 minutes and I did not go for a dip in the water as I was there for sight-seeing. I just hate to be in my wet shirt and short (and underwear) for a long time so no swimming or snorkelling for me.

the locals playing "sepak takraw"

We then left for the second beach on Maya Island.