Monday, March 17, 2014


The competition continued today with the boys category. The good news was that there were only SEVEN teams competing which meant everything could be finished much earlier than yesterday. Nevertheless, as expected, it was a heavy downpour so the event ended at about 2:00 p.m.

with Puan Law again who was also on duty

with an ex-student from SPM batch 2003
who is now a teacher and a judge

the teachers cum the competition judges and auditors

students from the hosting school
who had been helping

my ex-students from Asrama Semai Bakti Felda who took part

the prize-giving ceremony done at the hall
as it was still raining

So that was it for this year's marching competition. As it was cloudy and raining these two days, I am quite sure I have maintained my fair and lovely complexion even though I had to work in the open. But the sad thing is, we have not sent the "Kadet Bomba" team for the marching competition for two consecutive years (we used to secure the first runner-up all the time) and I guess it is time for us to start working again.