Saturday, September 27, 2014


26th SEPTEMBER 2014 ~ I was at Thistle Hotel, Johor Bahru, waiting for my friends to arrive and an event to start. Suddenly I saw a group of people gathered outside the hotel lobby. A friend told me the night before that Malaysia's number one superstar was staying at that hotel and my instinct told me that should be her. There were only a few people around, all females, and busy taking photographs. So I joined the small crowd and pretended to take their photograph too. However, when they were done, I braved myself and asked for her permission to get a photograph of us together.

I was ready for her to turn down my request and walk away.

Krik krik krik...

And she smiled and nodded, and I had a photo with Dato' Siti Nurhaliza Taruddin. And everything lasted like only for 10 seconds. Nevertheless, that should be one of the most memorable 10-second of my life.

You have to be either her die-hard fan and a member of her die-hard fan club, or buy her CD, get her poster autographed and you get photographed together with Malaysia's number one superstar. I guess I was just lucky - to be there at the right moment. 

When was the last time I smiled before going to bed? I couldn't even remember. Now I know why they call you Malaysia's number one pop star.