Thursday, September 4, 2014


Someone wanted to watch Ninja Turtles (and Megan Fox) but when we arrived at the booth, the tickets had already sold out. We had to settle for "Lucy" and it was quite an interesting movie though it might be a bit too educational and scientific.

Lucy (played by none other than the charming Scarlett Johansson), was the girl who was used to transport illegal drugs which was implanted in her tummy. In one scene, she was beaten and the drugs leaked in her body and the chemicals was absorbed by her body system. This was the moment when she got the power to use the parts of the brain that humans had not had the chance to use before. She became so powerful that she could control almost everything, but of course she was trying to get her revenge against the bad people who were in the syndicate. At one point, she could even time travel to the past, met Darwin's Ape before she suddenly disappeared into thin air. Into the infinity, perhaps?

I just wish I could have the power so I could use my mind to make certain people change the situation I am now in, or at least make them understand and feel what I am feeling right now. *sigh*