Saturday, September 13, 2014


Boxtrolls were creatures that lived underground and they were actually a group of inventors and builders. However, people of Cheesebridge believed that they were vicious and monsters. The Boxtrolls raised a boy named EGGS who later saved the Boxtrolls from the evil Archibald Snatcher. Snatcher had earlier kidnapped Eggs' father and that was the reason he was growing up with the Boxtrolls. Thank God, the story ended happily, and the villagers realized that the Boxtrolls were not evil after all, so it was a movie worth watching after all the driving (or being driven) in the heavy rain. Animation movies never fail to amuse me.

11th September ~ I decided to start my school holiday earlier by watching "Boxtrolls" at Aeon Bukit Indah and was lucky enough, Mr. Suhaizie was free in the afternoon. I actually could not go back home (which is quite a distance away) as there would be a PTA meeting at 8:00-10:00 p.m. after school. Going back home would mean I would have to brave through the bad traffic jam on the road so it was better to do some other activities and then went straight to school right after. *sigh*

it felt good to be chauffeured around :)

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