Monday, September 22, 2014


14th September 2014 ~ The first attraction we went to was MONAS - the abbreviation of "Monumen Nasional". This should be a prominent landmark of Jakarta. It was a tall tower lighted up at night and the surrounding area was filled with many people doing all kinds of activities. There were small traders selling all sorts of things or people just staying there, observing the surrounding. 

We were there to capture the "been there, done that" moment. There was not much we could do - the place was a bit crowded. For one thing, if any one of the group members was separated, he or she would not have the chance to be reunited again. Finding the parked van could also be impossible for me. You can read more about MONAS by clicking HERE.

We only went to our hotel to check in after that to have a good rest before exploring more of Jakarta the next day.