Saturday, July 18, 2015

THE 2nd DAY OF EID 1436H

18th JULY 2015 ~ I am very happy to welcome friends and ex-students to my house on the second day of Eid. The first two groups were my old friends from UPM and TESL group who were here regularly for Eid celebration. They were here with their family members - the more the merrier. Puan Farah Sabina lives in Seremban while Puan Maslinda hails from Subang Jaya.

The next group comprised of ex-students and their family members who have become family friends by now. However, a family member was not here as he had to be at his in-law's place somewhere else.

The last visitors of the day were also friends from UPM and my TESL class, with their kids. How I have seen the children grow up for the last five years. Dr. Hayati Ismail and her family are currently residing in Putrajaya.

This was just the beginning. I am expecting to see more people real soon.