Saturday, July 11, 2015


I remembered entering the market known as Jung-Ang Ru but when I was at the exit, it was actually the entrance to Dongmun Market. So the two market are actually connected to each other, I supposed.

There were also many other stalls selling all sorts of fruits and street food. I stopped to buy a cup of mulberry, something I remembered eating (or something similar) when I was in New Zealand.

Then we went to this stall where there was an old lady busy at work. She was selling HOTTOK (not hot dog) - something like a pancake filled with sugar and fried in oil. And this hottok sold like hot cakes, literally. According to Miss Sakinah, the tourist guide, there would be a long queue during winter as people love to eat this snack when it is cold outside.

spot the dog's pink tail

waiting for the bus

It was much easier to eat all the available halal food almost anytime when there is a"local" tour around. If you are planning o visit Jeju in the near future and are looking for a (Muslim) guide, feel free to contact Miss Sakinah at her Jeju Muslim Tour FB Page.