Friday, July 24, 2015

THE 7th DAY OF EID 1436H

23rd July 2016 ~ Out of the blue, someone whom I have not met for a very long time messaged me on FB telling he would like to pay me a visit. And here he was, Dr. Azzad Hamzah (SPM batch 2002), with his wife, son and niece, finally. I did not teach Dr. Azzad in SMKTUN but he was in the school chess team before he went off to a boarding school after PMR. One good thing about having an ex-student who is practising medicine is that I could always get a free consultation for any health related matter :) via FB.

The other group of guests arriving after 10:30 p.m. were Mr.Syazwan (and his two brothers) and Mr. Fahmi, from SMKTUN's SPM batch 2013. They were still on their Eid break and would be going back to their respective colleges this coming Sunday.

one very sleepy guest :)

One week of Eid is already gone, three more to go...