Wednesday, July 22, 2015

THE 5th DAY OF EID 1436H

21st July 2015 ~ In the morning of the 5th day of Eid, a group of Chinese friends  with their kids from SMKTUN were here to visit. Mr. Ong Poh Shin and Pn.Lee Kim Luan, who are now enjoying their retirement days, were also present. They were all wearing red and accidentally I was in a red shirt too. Hopefully, this would bring luck, wealth and prosperity. :)

thanks for the Raya gift

so sweet :)

The next guests in the evening were Puan Yusidah Yusof, another friend from SMKTUN, and her family members. Two of her children are my ex-students. Miss Najwa is from SPM batch SPM 2012 while her brother is now in form 4.

And the last visitors (before the clock struck 12) were a group of ex-students from SPM batch 2012. 6 of them were the members of the school's Kadet Bomba and the other two were in my English class when they were in school.

That was the largest number of people from SMKTUN I had met in one day so far. There are still many more days ahead for visiting and bonding time, and I am looking forward to see familiar faces.