Saturday, July 25, 2015

THE 9th DAY OF EID 1436H

The three siblings were here in the afternoon - Mr. Solleh, Mr. Zahari (both from SPM batch 2006) and Mr. Syahir (from SPM batch 2012).  They had to be here today as two of them would be going away to work and college somewhere else.

The next big group arriving after that consisted of my ex-students from SPM batch 2009. A few of them are still studying while the rest are already working. These are some of the regular visitors to my house during Eid since they were still in lower secondary.

In the evening, I decided to visit Pn. Noraliza Mazni, a colleague from SMKTUN, who was holding an open house at Taman Pulai Utama. The event was a joyful one because, besides all the delicious food,  I got to meet more old friends and ex-students there.

20 more days to celebrate Eid, and there should be more people to meet.