Monday, January 18, 2016


17th December 2015 ~ I arrived in Chiang Mai at about 6:00 p,m. and it was already dark. After checking in, I decided to walk a bit to see what the place near the hotel had to offer. Surprisingly, to my delight, there was Anusarn Night Market just nearby. And as I continued walking, I realized that the night market was just endless. It kept on going longer and longer without any stop. My first impression of Chiang Mai - the nights were alive with people flocking the night market.

Not just that, there are also Saturday and Sunday markets every week, held in late afternoon and in the morning, respectively. However, you would see almost the same things at all these markets.

I had been wondering around the night market for three evenings in a row, and I had never walked as much in a market before. If you are planning to visit Chiang Mai, the night markets would at least offer you some sort of physical exercise by walking through the endless rows of stalls selling almost everything under the sun (or moon).


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