Saturday, January 2, 2016


dried broad beans

After lunch, the driver asked us whether we wanted to see the market and we decided to have a look. We did not even know the significant of this small town and why it was suddenly very busy there until we discovered on our own towards the end of the walk.


There were people selling all sorts of things here, either mobile hawkers or those in permanent stalls. There was a walking mall in between shops, for both tourists and locals.

preserved fruits


green apples?


I think this is called "som tam"

a Muslim hawker selling "bread"

flowers on the street

fresh vegetables

the river that separates Thailand and Myanmar

people getting into Myanmar

immigration checkpoint

At one point only we realized that Myanmar was actually located at the other side of the river and that was the reason making the place very busy. We were very unlucky that the driver of our tour was really just a driver - he did not provide us with any explanation at all. Luckily we were bright enough to figure things out on our own. We just spent about 30 minutes here due to the parking issue. We were dropped there, and the driver picked us up later at the same spot.

One day, I will set foot on the soil of Myanmar. One day...

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