Sunday, January 24, 2016


This was the mosque that I found while exploring the city. It is called Hidayatul Islam Banhaw Mosque, located at Halal Street Hilal Town. I could see Chinese characters on a few places at the mosque and this could be because the building was first built by a group of Chinese people in the 19th century.

The mosque has expanded into a big religious complex, not only for worship but also for other religious activities.

There was an expo held when I was visiting and I was extremely excited to see Thai halal food was also sold at the basement of the building

There were also people selling food outside the mosque compound. No wonder this stretch of road was known as Halal Street Hilal Town, which should be good news to Muslim travelers.

It always makes me feel good to find a mosque every time I travel to a foreign land - the feeling is just indescribable. :)