Tuesday, September 5, 2017


4TH SEPTEMBER 2017 ~ On the last day of the one week mid term break, I finally met Mr. Muhammad Hanis Hanafi before he went back to his medical college in India. Interestingly, he was an ex-student who was never in my class or school, but we used to be in the Johor Bahru Chess Team for many years before this. I think we got to know each other quite well after all.

The service at Kenny Rogers in AEON Tebrau City was really slow, the chicken took hours to be served and we were even given a complimentary bowl of mushroom soup. I guess we had enough time to catch up what we had missed within the one year period of not seeing each other (as if we frequently saw each other all this while). The last time we met was like a year ago before he started his first year studies abroad.

I am still not sure whether it would be possible to visit him in India and things did not sound encouraging at all. However, you will never know of the things I could do to surprise you. Thanks Hanis for the time and the insight of the place you are in, may we see each other again later, if not soon.

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