Tuesday, March 27, 2018


22nd MARCH 2018 ~ The welcoming performance was started at the entrance of the hall. I tried to turn around (while conducting)once in a while so I could see whether there were people watching us or not. This was just a short presentation, before we had to do the show for the bigger crowd on stage.

However, before that, the moment we all had been waiting there - dinner time. We shared the same food with the other party goers, and the boys were exhilarated for that.

We were then invited on stage for the main performance of the night. There was this super excited lady deejay who hosted the event. I believe we stole the spotlight when the crowd sang along to the songs we played on angklung. And the lady deejay was singing the last two songs on microphone and even danced to "Sway". She announced to the audience something like: "I just could not control".

We were happy that the audience were entertained.

And we were happier as we could wear our new "Baju Melayu Cekak Musang" attire, that pink set of costume, for the first time.

There will be one more performance this coming fortnight. We have to work harder for that.

I will have to personally thank Mr. Mohd. Zaheerman bin Sulaiman from GBW Hotel for giving us the opportunity to perform for the dinner. Hopefully we may see each other again after this.