Sunday, March 4, 2018


The Angklung Group of SMK Taman Universiti, Johor Bahru

This was my first attempt in trying to convert the musical notes from a keyboard/piano into the numerical notation so that the song could be played on angklung, with the help of Youtube and people publishing on how to play songs. Starting with a simple composition of the children's song "Baby Shark", putting the right notes at the right place was definitely not an easy task. I had to stare long hours at the computer screen and keep rewinding the frames so that I would not miss any notes, and at the same time writing them on paper.

All the hard work paid off when the boys, both the junior and senior teams, managed to play the song during the practice session. This should be a very small step in my attempt to arrange notes for songs for the angklung group on my own. We have been depending on Pak Edhi, the music teacher who was once a keroncong trainer in Johor but has now gone back to Solo, Indonesia. I still request for music notes from him (thanks to the Whatsapp we are still in touch) but he seems too busy these days and we have not been getting new songs to play for quite some time.

How I wish I have nothing else to do but just to sit down to arrange and write notes for angklung.

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