Tuesday, March 6, 2018


Attending a meeting is something that I despise so knowing there was one I had to attend at District Education Department, a lunch date was quickly arranged with two more friends right after the session. Puan Mazzelina Mahmood, who is now attached to the Office aforementioned, chose "Kafe Petals and Bakes" located in Nong Chik, Johor Bahru. The other partner in crime was Puan Koh Poh Tan who was also attending the same meeting.

It was a small place which could accommodate about 32 people at one time. However, it was a comfortable place and most importantly, very clean.

I got excited to see the cakes on display once I entered the place.

Someone ate Lontong - compressed rice with coconut milk gravy and many other things inside. Her response when asked how was it: it was alright.

I chose Laksa Johor - spaghetti in fish gravy, also with many other condiments. Unfortunately, that did not taste like Laksa Johor at all. The ingredients and spices were just not right.
cheesecake for dessert

Surprisingly, someone was on diet and ate a brownie, topped with chocolate ice cream.

I had set my eyes on the carrot cake earlier and I knew I must have it. I must say it was superb. I don't mind coming back to eat the carrot cake again, or try other dessert available.

We are having another meeting next week and I wonder if there is another you-two-can-gossip-while-I-eat-my-cake session.