Saturday, April 28, 2018


Preliminary Round Group 1

I used to attend this event recently as a judge but today for a change, I was bringing a student of SMK Dato' Jaafar. One reason: all the English teachers were out today with their own set of students for other competitions like choral speaking and Scrabble.

Preliminary Round Group 1
The Public Speaking Competition for Johor Bahru district level this year was held SMK Aminuddin Baki. There were more than 30 contestants taking part this time. There were 2 groups for the preliminary round and the three winners from each group were selected to go to the final round. The vote cast put us in Group 1 where there were 16 schools competing. There were 2 sections in which students were being judged - prepared speech and impromptu speech.

Aidan Leo, a form three SDJ student, managed to make his way to the final round with a composed and confident presentation. He then had to present another impromptu speech to compete with the other 5 contenders.

We were cool.
The Finalists
friends of English teachers:
ex-colleagues and an ex-student in the group

more friends

the chief judge giving her comment

Aidan had definitely won the judges' hearts and emerged the winner of the Johor Bahru District Public Speaking Competition 2018.

Aidan has made the school proud. I know he is a good speaker but he still had actually worked really hard for this. Even though I might have only contributed a small percentage to this, I am still glad to be able to be a part of  his success.

We have now to prepare for the state level competition next.