Wednesday, April 25, 2018


24th APRIL 2018 ~ Everybody seems to get busier these days and it is getting more and more difficult to meet up for coffee after work. However, we managed to find a slot for not just coffee but also spaghetti, cakes, waffle and more gossips.

I was the last one to arrive as the briefing I was attending after school finished late. However, upon arrival, two huge plates of spaghetti were already served and I just had to add in the carrot cake for dessert. This was my second visit to "Bakes and Petals" and we had Malay dishes when we came the first time.

the aftermath

I wonder if this was the last meeting before the arrival of the fasting month.

The most important thing, we successfully ate all the food on the table that initially looked almost impossible to be finished. All the food was delicious, or perhaps we were all too hungry to resist the temptation.

We always cherish the group's slogan: if you want to get fat, let's get fat together. Long live gossip girls!

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