Wednesday, April 18, 2018


24th MARCH 2018 ~ When in Penang, you have to eat like the Penangites do. Breakfast is heavy like lunch, and everybody eats nasi kandar 24/7.

This place was definitely a popular eating outlet as the a long queue was already formed when we arrived there in the morning. Nevertheless, the service was quite fast so people wouldn't have to be too long in a line.

Roti canai/paratha was also one of the must-buy from this place it seemed.

Basically nasi kandar comprised of rice, chicken/meat/fish, other side dishes like vegetables and boiled egg and A LOT OF curry gravy.

Literally translated nasi kandar means rice that was carried on a pole and balanced on one's shoulder. One end of the pole hung a pot containing rice, while on the other end, another pot containing curry or other dish. This was how the food was sold in Penang by street peddlers a long time ago but that could be seen anymore. People eat nasi kandar in proper restaurants now.

We managed to finish all the food on the plates and that should provide us with enough energy to go up Penang Hill after that amazingly heavy breakfast. Just by looking at the photos of the rice has made me go hungry now.

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