Saturday, April 14, 2018


23rd MARCH 2018 ~ Armenian Street is a laid-back spot of Georgetown where there are many old buildings along the narrow stretch of road. The place was swarmed with tourists when I was there, most of them were just busy taking photos.

This place was once a Malay settlement but the name was changed to Armenian Street as there were many Armenian traders occupying that place in the early 1800s. Then the Chinese settler dominated the area and clan houses were built in that area.

The famous mural "Children on Bicycle" drawn by Ernest Zacharevic is found at one end of Armenian Street. The painting has become an iconic trademark of Penang as you could see it being printed on numerous souvenir items like t-shirts, key chains and fridge magnets. I even saw people queuing up in a long line to get themselves photographed with the children and the bicycle.

This should be a kind of place you could go on a weekend just to do nothing except to walk around and enjoy old buildings - as a way to escape the routine hectic lifestyle. WARNING: there would be too many tourists around, but that should be alright of you are one of them.

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