Friday, April 20, 2018


I needed to get something so it was time to officiate my first visit to Mydin Mutiara Rini, the latest outlet in Johor Bahru.

kindergarten kids on stage
The Mydin Mall was surprisingly huge. There was even a big stage on the ground floor (which should be good enough for my angklung performance).

fresh water fish exhibition

There was this section in the supermarket where everything was sold at only RM2, which could be quite hard to resist as the items all looked so cheap.

I went to have a look at the food court. It could be a good place to hang out with friends (without any ex-students sitting there too which would not highly possible).


And there was this bakery I would love to visit to try its coffee and pastries.

As expected, there were ex-students working part-time there.

I will definitely visit this mall again in the future, at least to visit the food court or other food outlets.