Friday, June 8, 2018


I finally had to break fast outside this year. Breaking fast in school should not be counted as it was a formal event which teachers' attendance was somewhat compulsory.

I was invited by Mr. Syazwan Shavarein [SMKTUN's ex-student of SPM batch 2013] and his family again, and finding an excuse not to accept the invitation was not an easy thing to do.

This was my second time at Selasih Restaurant. I was here for a wedding reception the first time.

MY VERDICT: Good food  which should be reasonable with the price charged. However, the sad thing was they did not replenish some drinks like the honey dew juice and "teh tarik" [tea with milk]. They should know fasting people really drink a lot and it was quite frustrating not  to be able to refill our glasses again.

Thanks again Mr. Syazwan, as well as to both his parents, for the invitation. Only Allah may repay your generosity.

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