Monday, June 18, 2018

THE 4th DAY OF EID 1439H

An ex-schoolmate of SMS Muar, Mr. Mohd. Razib Noordin, was here with his family for the "Raya" visit. I could not remember the last time he came with the wife and kids during Eid. He is on his holiday but will be heading back to Doha real soon.

Then, another group of visitors which was my cousin's family, all the way from Kulim, Kedah, were here without any prior notification. It was a kind of pleasant surprise to get to see relatives who are staying at a faraway place once in a while.

Finally, I did my first Raya visit today. I went to see an ex-coursemate of UPM TESL class of 1993 at her house in Taman Sri Amar, which was just near my place quite late in the evening. Puan Suhana Abdul Jamal was here to celebrate Eid with her mom as she now resides in Sungai Petani, Kedah.

The fourth day of Eid went well so far. There are still like 26 more days to go.

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