Friday, June 22, 2018

THE 8th DAY OF EID 1439H

Today should be the start of the second week of Eid celebration and the visiting routine must go on. A group of ex-students from SMKTUN SPM batch 2012 were here, accompanied by a mother of one of the girls who happened to be an ex-colleague, Puan Yusidah Yusof.

With the loud and continuous chattering and laughter throughout, it was just like yesterday once more.

The last visitors of the day was Mr. Huzaifah Abd. Rahim [SMKTUN alumni SPM batch 2009] with his wife. He used to come with his classmates before this but then time sure has changed, and by next year, there will be one more new member of the group.

NOTE TO SELF: One more day before school reopens. Where is my plastic bag containing the students' exam paper?

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